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Trip to Work in NYC.

Trip to Work in NYC

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Last Night in Brooklyn.

Woman Yelling at the owner of a New Age Shop which sells candles, crystals and bath salts on East 4th.

Israel vs Palestine

Reminder: Israel gave up control of Gaza 7 years ago. Rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza began immediately and have persisted through numerous ceasefires. 2 years ago, Palestinians democratically elected HAMAS to govern autonomous Gaza.

This year, a unity government was formed marrying HAMAS in Gaza to the PA in the West Bank. PA is the modern incarnation of Yasser Arafat’s PLO which brought on two tragic intifadas, organized the killing of Olympic Athletes, and publicly encouraged children to become suicide bombers dozens of times on Government-Sponsored Palestinian TV. Arafat is the sole individual who has had a Nobel Peace Prize retracted. The PA’s current leader Abbas wrote and self published a book denying the holocaust. He’s largely considered the moderate politician of those in office.

The Unity Government, via HAMAS, whose charter still mentions “pushing Jews into the sea,” is funded primarily by Syria and Iran.

Hamas deliberately hides weapon arsenals in residential neighborhoods, school and hospitals to knowingly increase their own people’s death toll, and institutionally use small children as human shields for the “Kodak moment” that will be used to further sympathy and support for their “armed resistance.” It’s the polar inverse of American politicians kissing babies.

And it’s the polar inverse of the fact that Israeli hospitals have treated hundreds of Palestinians wounded in the last week. Free of cost.

Israel includes 1 million + Muslim Arab citizens. Its Knesset (Parliament) featured several Muslim Arab representatives. Citizens of all religions receive the same benefits and rights as one another. Groups otherwise threatened by their Arab block origin states - the Muslim LGBT community from Iran for example - happily and proudly take refuge and citizenship in Israel. Another group include victims of Female Genital Mutilation, who flee their Muslim-Dominant origin states in East Africa.

Understanding these basic truths does not mean you support Palestinian casualties.

But supporting the Palestinian Government means you are wiling to look the other way when it comes to human rights, the democratic process and daily rocket attacks from dangerous, Anti-Western extremists who use their own children as human shields - extremists funded and commanded directly by HAMAS and the PA’s Unity Government.

Think about that before you choose sides hastily.

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